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Duopower is a Spanish company leader in the manufacture of no-nose bicycle saddles. Our products  are manufactured one by one by professional craftsmen who take care of all details to provide you the maxium comfort. They use top quality materials to make our no-nose saddles a featured product in the national and international markets.

Duopower no-nose saddles  are highly recommended for their 100% free perineal area, which avoids irritations and minimizes any type of cutaneous, anal or genital affection.

In addition, our no-nose saddles provide you a minimal friction during pedalig, and thanks to their two points of support, they porvide you a better body position and better control of the bicycle too.

Ergonomic Bikeware, our new distributor in Spain

Con el fin de mejorar todavía más si cabe la red comercial, y poder llegar a muchos más puntos de ventas, Duopower a sumado a la empresa alicantina Ergonomic Bikeware como distribuidora para el territorio español. Cualquier información al respecto, no duden en ponerse...

New Duopower’s Facebook and Twitter

Es incuestionable que hoy en día las redes sociales son totalmente imprescindibles en la estrategia de marketing de cualquier empresa. Y como tal, Duopower ha hecho un lavado de cara a sus cuentas de Facebook y Twitter, para que podáis seguir el día a día de la marca,...

Duopower New Catalogue 2018

New season, new challenges! After the last and intense months we have been working on the development of the new range, we are pleased to present the new catalogue 2018 of Duopower. In it you can find all the information on all existing models, encompassed in four...



Duopower was born from a prohibition when a renowned urologist from Barcelona told a cyclist that he must not ride a bicycle anymore. The reason: literally could not sit on the saddle.  Although totally demoralized, the cyclist insisted on subsequent visits to ask what he could do to return to hop on a bike . The answer was very simple: “by sitting on a no-nose saddle that does not lean on the perineum.” This simple comment was the beginning, the spark plugged the wick, and from which they began to create the first ideas in mind.

But we had to carry out and capture those ideas, so he helped Eduardo Elizalde, a specialist in product development, besides the urologist who was treating him, and a multidisciplinary team. After much trial, effort, and prototypes tested in the circuit of the Olympic Channel of Castelldefels (Spain), you reach the current design.


It is very curious how Eduardo Elizalde found the factory with the capacity and know-how to manufacture these saddles. He met this company at a trade fair for components for footwear. Then, Eduardo caught whith one hand an anatomical insole, and with the other put the rails below, and he told the manufacturer:  “If you can make insoles, you can also make bike saddles ” . Manufacturing of Duopower saddles started like this in Alicante (Spain).


Time has proved right to the concept and design of Duopower. When years later the first study was done by the Ministry of Public Health of the United States on how a saddle had to be to avoid the physical damages that produce traditional saddles, in this stud , while confirming the serious effects of saddles tip on the health of men and women, a saddle to avoid all these problems was designed, to coincide in exactly the same form that is the ​​Duopower .

Today , Duopower not cease in its efforts to innovate year after year , and to open markets worldwide .

By the way !: Our cyclist is on his bike again.



100% free perineal area

Free perineal compression (Uretral-Vulvar)

Avoids iirritations

Minimizes skin complaints


Two points of support

Better body position

Better pedaling performance

Greater control of the cycle


Minimal Friction System

Less side surface at the tip

Less friction while pedaling

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